Pics From Disney!!!

Before we went on....afterwards we both were pale as ghosts!

Before we went on….afterwards we both were pale as ghosts!

Us and the main man himself!!   M-I-C-K-E-Y!!

Us and the main man himself!! M-I-C-K-E-Y!!

I told Pluto to quit being so goofy!  He bit me!

I told Pluto to quit being so goofy! He bit me!

EPCOT - The park with the giant ball!

EPCOT – The park with the giant ball!

Minnie was so happy for us!!!

Minnie was so happy for us!!!

Could say something very wrong here...but won't!

Could say something very wrong here…but won’t!

The Most Magical Place On Earth!

The Most Magical Place On Earth!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?  And so is Belle!!

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!? And so is Belle!!



Hollywood Studios!  Couldn't let Mickey be the only one wearing a hat!!

Hollywood Studios! Couldn’t let Mickey be the only one wearing a hat!!


Our First Year In Pictures



As soon as the “actual” honeymoon is over (since it will never truly be over)…we will be posting our final blogs about our Wedding and Reception!  So stay tuned!

But for now…check out our new blog: Our First Year In Pictures (where we will document our first year as a married couple with a picture a day!)

Love you all!!

Scott & René Booker

The Night Before The Wedding – By Scott



  1. Whatever you do…DO NOT GO TO SLEEP!  You do not want to be well rested for your big day!  If you do….things could get ugly!  Being this alert can cause you to all of a sudden realize what you are doing and make you freak the heck out!
  2. Make sure you wear full body cover which is really really tight!  Bed bugs and other insects love to feed on people when they are stressed out!  You do NOT want to have ugly bug bites all over your body on the Big Day!
  3. Do not drink anything!  You do not want to act out the “Bladder Control gotta go…gotta go…gotta go right now” commercial seconds before you say “I DO”!
  4. Make sure you only try the new HAIR DYE the night before the wedding!  It may be last second….but you don’t want any of that old hair color coming through!
  5. Have a pillow fight with young hot co-eds!  This is ONLY for the soon-to-be groom!
  6. Discuss your finances!!  Nothing will get you in the mood to marry one another like figuring out how in debt you might be!
  7. Go for a long drive…in the middle of the night…in the middle of nowhere…with hardly any gas!  This will give you time to reflect on the upcoming nuptials, and if you decide that suicide is a betters decision…you won’t have enough gas to kill yourself…with carbon monoxide poisoning.
  8. This is the time to go get your very first spray tan!  That way it won’t have time to fade!  Do not wear protective goggles either!  You do not want to look like Rocky the Raccoon!
  9. Have a HUGE fight!  Make-up sex is the best….especially if it is on the wedding night!
  10. Last….but certainly not least….bust out that “Easy Bake Oven” you had as a child…and make your own damn wedding cake!  The cost is so much less and it will taste oh so good!!




Hey René… case you didn’t know….



My Vows – By Scott (René approved)

So….writing wedding vows is sorta hard to do….but here goes…..



I do somberly swear, to take you René, anywhere you want to go.  Unless you want to drive…and then you can take yourself and/or I can ride along.

I promise to honor you.  Unless people start posting pictures of you online…calling you one of those “Wal-Mart Freaks”.  And should that happen…I will gladly dispose of the clothes you own that people would consider one of those types of outfits!

I promise to Obey you….unless you try to get me to do tricks in public.  Then I will only obey you if you set up a hat or can for loose change from those watching me make an idiot out of myself.

I promise to cry with you, except during that time of the month.  During that time…I will probably be hiding in the closet or bathroom.  And if you choose to watch any movie by Nicholas Sparks during that same time frame…I will be staying at a Hotel (which will not be named so you cannot find me).

I promise to laugh with you!  Not at you….but with you!  Ok…so sometimes I might laugh at you, but I will do my best to make sure that people don’t realize it.

I promise to not tickle you or touch you in inappropriate places while in public.  I know how you feel about this….so I will only touch myself in public!

I promise that if a snake ever crosses our path, I will steer you in the opposite direction and not freak out myself.  But on the other side of this….you will have to promise me that you will kill all the spiders and bugs that come into our apartment or anywhere else we may be at any given time.

I promise to deal with things better when we are in the “poorer” half of the “for richer or poorer” portion of our lives together.  Oh wait…we are already there!  Never mind!

I promise to be faithful to you until the day you die!  After that…GAME ON!

I promise to fulfill the sickness portion of the “in sickness and in health” vow as long as you cover the health part.  I only say this because that’s the roles we have already assumed.

And last….but certainly not least….I promise to eat everything you ever put in front of me.  Since you belong in the kitchen…I will not take that away from you!   I know how you can get!

Oh yea…I forgot!  I love ya!

Beauty and the Bride – By René

beauty and the bride logo



I am getting married in less than a week! Wedding dress – check. Flowers for my hair – check. Pretty sandals – check. Jewelry – check. All of these things will make for a beautiful bride as long as she feels beautiful on the inside!

IMG_6089 IMG_6123

I will admit that I have struggled all my life with feeling beautiful on the outside. I have always struggled with my weight and felt like my hair was never the right look for me, too much gray for my age. My nails would grow out, but before I could paint them, one would always break. So then I would have to cut them all off, so why paint them?  I don’t always feel comfortable in my clothes for one reason or another. But you know what, none of these things matter if you can find a way to be happy with who you are inside and out.

One way to achieve this is to have your own personal cheerleader at your side. I have always had that in Scott. He believes that I am beautiful all the time even on my worst days. I do still struggle with feeling ugly but then I think if Scott can see something special, then I should be able to as well.

Another way to make yourself feel beautiful is to pamper yourself with your maid of honor. Casey dyed my hair for me on Friday night. We colored it “Dark Chocolate” to cover all the gray that was lurking about. I love the color. Saturday morning, we got up…went to breakfast…then got our nails done. We started with a pedicure. This is one of the most wonderful treats in the world. While having our pedicure done, we also had a sea salt massage for our legs. This gets rids of all the dead skin and makes your legs feel awesome. After the pedicure, Casey had a manicure done. French tips with her own nails. I had them put on French tips for me and they filled them in with this gel that makes them last longer.

Before Pic After Pic


Casey After Pic Casey 1


Pedicure 1 Seaweed Scrub



I felt like a million bucks when we were finished.

download (1)

Now I know with time, my gray will come back and my fake nails will fall off and I will struggle with how I look from time to time. But I can tell you that with my cheerleader at my side, I will always feel beautiful at the end of the day!!

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